Choose The Best Bonus

Before we talk about the best bonuses for The Plan, we want to make it absolutely clear that you do not need any bonuses to succeed in The Plan. Think of the bonuses as nice to have, but not essential in any way.

Remember, when it comes to The Plan, less is more. You don't want to get overloaded with 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 bonuses, ok? The Plan is a very simple system, so you really do not need additional training or coaching or anything of that sort that will complicate things.

You may be tempted by affiliates who offer you additional strategies on top of The Plan. For instance, someone may offer a bonus about showing you the best 5 moonshot coins. But this runs counter to The Plan, whose positioning is NOT to chase moon shots because it's too risky, it's too chaotic, it's too messy. And so if you get offered a bonus like that, you will be taking unnecessary risks. Sure, if you're rich and you want to gamble away some money and maybe you get lucky and it doesn't matter if you lose $10,000 on a moonshot, whatever, go ahead. But otherwise, just stick to The Plan and don't get distracted.

Similarly, if someone is going to show you more investment strategies and real estate and forex or whatever, this is also adding distractions that you do not need. You don't want multiple investment strategies, you just want to stick to one plan.

So with that said, what you should be looking for in a bonus is something that helps and empowers you to do The Plan. Here are a few ideas:

  • A community - The Plan does not have a social media mastermind for members to interact with each other. So if you can find a bonus that offers this, then this is a great way to be part of a mini community of people who are also doing The Plan. Note that though you can certainly get support and help from other members, you should always refer to Rapid Crush support as your official source of support. As such, a community may be a nice thing to have, but keep in mind that over time, because The Plan is so simple, people tend to just use the community as a place to share your results and have a bit of fun.
  • "Cliff Notes" version of the course - If you go through The Plan in its entirety, it will take about 10 hours. Perhaps someone has decided to take notes and make an 'accelerated' version of the course to kick start the process? Remember, the original early adopters only spent 2 hours with Dan one on one so it is definitely possible to learn everything you need to know to get up and running in that length of time. It is in your best interest to go over all the material in The Plan at some point, but if you are the more impatient type, then a course notes bonus that streamlines the approach for you may be valuable.
  • Share URL - This is a no brainer. In an ideal scenario, anyone promoting The Plan should already be doing The Plan themselves. If so, they will be able to share all of the bots they are running by giving you a read only share URL so you can see all the active bots they are running at any given time and you can also follow along with the bots that they will be starting in the future. Now, don't go copying their bots because that's not the point. The point is they believe in The Plan so much that they are willing to share with you what they are doing, and wouldn't you rather buy from someone who is already invested in The Plan than someone who isn't? Someone who is willing to open the kimono and do The Plan alongside you - that is a huge vote of confidence.

You can search for the best bonuses for The Plan, just make sure they accelerate and amplify the course, instead of adding unnecessary distractions.