Coin Pair Research

The coin pair research service (CPR), essentially you get two months, you get a whole heap of settings - more bots than you could ever run. You don't have that amount of money lying around to set up all those bots, and that is the same process that Dan follows and teaches for creating these automations.

Dan Hollings has research teams that go out and apply those same rules, find things and publish them several times per month that you can essentially copy and paste those settings and set them up and do them in demo mode. Jason Fladlien says that over half of his coins are all done from the coin pair research. He knows how to do the research. The research is not that hard. It is essentially, you look at a certain specific website and you filter pieces of information, about five pieces of information and you run a couple of tests in the software.

That's about it, but Jason is like ten minutes versus one minute? His experience trusting Dan and following Dan has only gotten better the more he's done it. And so it's like, he'd rather do it in one minute than ten minutes.

And he just knows the system at this point in time, he couldn't tell you which ones were with the coin per research and which ones he did manually.

Because the results are the same, the wiggling is about the same. They're indistinguishable. It's not like you sacrifice quality by using the coin per research, you don't! It's a matter of style. How much do you want to do on your own? How much do you want to have spoon fed and hand fed to you?

The coin pair research is a great tool, and Wilson has told many, many, many customers this -

It's a great learning tool

and that's how you should use it for more than anything because, even though it sounds really good that Dan's team is going to research the coins for you and spoon feed you the coins, they don't want to create a reliance on Dan. We don't want you to be reliant just on us, to Dan's team to spoon feed you coin per research, because guess how they're researching the coin pairs - exactly in the same way that Dan teaches you to do.

They're not doing anything magical. You can follow the exact step by step process, which takes minutes, literally minutes and come up with the same coin pairs that they came up with. Now, is it convenient? Yeah, sure. It's convenient if you can save, you know, five or ten or 15 minutes to just copy and paste settings and start a demo bot to investigate a coin and see if it does indeed produce results because all the coin pairs that Dan gives in coin pair research are meant to run in demo bots.

We are not and cannot give you financial or investment advice, so you actually agree before you access coin pair research that you will only set those up in demo mode and it is up to you when you decide based upon your knowledge, experience and desire to run those with real money. But what I tell customers to do with CPR is this go into CPR and don't look at any of the settings.

Look only when you're learning, look only at the coin pair, then you go do your own research into that coin pair and you go ahead and create your own settings. Then before you start your bot, you go back to CPR and see if your settings are fairly close to what Dan suggested.

And if they are, you're guaranteed that you've learnt the process, if they are completely out of whack and nothing makes sense, they're completely different and that tells you you haven't quite learned the process. So use it as a learning tool more so than just like, you know, spoon feeding of information for you.

CPR costs $300 per month after your two month timeframe is available. Your CPR bonus subscription starts a few days, like three to five days after you get access to the course because we want you to go at least through a couple of sessions before you get access.

It cannot be modified from that time frame. You can't say, please start my subscription in a month or two or three. It starts for everybody at the same time and again because we want you to use it as a learning tool

And then during those two months, you can decide if you want to sign up for the paid membership which will give you the same exact thing. So you're basically getting a free two month trial as a bonus.

You can decide if it's worthwhile enough, feel free to sign up or if you will do your own research, which you can do on your own. You don't need it.