What If I Already Have Experience with Crypto?

Well, Dan, what if I already have crypto? Because some people are asking like, do you have to liquidate your crypto or how does that work? That's a good question. If you already have crypto, congratulations, you made a smart decision somewhere along the line. What The Plan will do is to show you options for how you might go forth with that crypto.

But The Plan will not be going to force you to do anything with the crypto that goes against what your instincts are. So if you've got some favorite crypto that you're hodling, you will learn ways to hodl it better. In other words, to augment what you're doing, but you certainly won't have to liquidate it. However, there are some people that have crypto and they just bought it because they bought it and they don't even really know why.

And they're just open to a strategy - A plan

That's what's missing with most people. So you don't want to be the man without a plan. You want to be the person that has a plan, and we will give you the plan. And it works whether you already have crypto or if you've never purchased crypto at all. There are many options.

Most people are just sitting on their crypto. They don't even know they made a good buy then they don't even know what it's all about. And then there are also other people who know a lot about crypto. And you're wondering, well, I already know this and I know that so what good is The Plan going to do for you? I would say that for you, it's going to be the hardest because you you will indeed have to unlearn and rethink about the way you're approaching crypto. Dan knows this all too well because he came from your world. He was extremely immersed in what he calls just the standard or traditional or the most common ways that people are dealing with crypto.

And I chased every one of those rabbits right into a hole, only to find that, hey, that really wasn't the plan that I wanted. So if you will just step back and maybe set aside what you've learned and absorb this new information then you can later merge that knowledge that you have back in with what The Plan teaches you.

And then you can probably really accelerate. The Plan support desk gets a lot of questions from people asking technical questions like, what's the down draw period and what's this and all this technical stuff and what indicators do you use and all that that stuff don't really apply here. And it's like you're asking smart questions, but it doesn't apply to the way The Plan works.

This might seem too simple for you. But in reality, that's the beauty of this. It doesn't have to be complicated. Nobody wants to wake up and look at their computer screen and monitor all day long. Nobody wants to go to bed at night thinking that they're going to lose half of their capital because the market might crash. Nobody wants to do any of that.

What you want to do is to leverage

And I don't mean leverage in the sense of use leverage, but leverage knowledge in a way where you can have your capital work for you smartly. And in a way that lets you live life. That's the most important thing here. We want to live life. We want to take vacations. We want to support charities.

We want to be able to pay for our kids college education. We want to be able to buy, you know, a nice car or whatever. But that's what this is supposed to be for. And if you have your ankle strapped to the desk and you're sitting there looking at charts all day, take a look at The Plan.