How I Got Here and Why You Should Listen Up...

What follows is a word for word reproduction of the original post that Dan Hollings wrote on Discord on April 11, 2020.

Back in late 2017, a good friend kept pinging me (almost daily) to buy Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin. Even though I had dabbled in stocks and commodities some 10 years earlier, "trading" was not a passion of mine and frankly (at the time) I thought Bitcoin was an experimental project that would likely follow the fate of Pet Rocks, MySpace and flammable Hoverboards.

Well, I finally "gave in"... just to shut my friend up. Bitcoin (BTC) was about $800 per coin at the time. I had not heard of any other coin (like ETH) and the word “crypto” made me think of B-rate horror flicks decades past. Yes, I gave in and went to buy. Then I saw the $800 price and I said NO WAY, I put it off another couple of weeks.

My buddy kept pinging me. OK OK OK! I’ll jump in! But by that time the price was like $1200 per coin. Ouch!

I struggled to move my money into “Cryptoland” (It was such a pain back then) and I bought about $3000 worth. A few weeks later, it had doubled. I felt like an idiot for not buying more. So, I invested $10,000. It kept going up. It caught my attention. I started digging into it. I polished up my dormant trading skills, I started chasing every YouTube Guru I could find. I really worked at it.

As we approach the holidays late 2017, I took a vacation with my wife and daughter. They had no idea what I was doing, but they did wonder why I kept smiling. Truth be told, I was up over $100,000.

What I did not know, was that the bull run of 2017 was NOT based on fundamentals and there were no real world “use” cases for BTC, ETH or any crypto token. It was almost 100% newbies in FOMO-mode (Fear Of Missing Out). This meteoric rise in price accompanied with a ‘FOMO’ hysteria, had many historians drawing a straight line from the enthusiasm surrounding Bitcoin (in 2017) to the Dutch Golden Age (in the 17th Century), when a similar frenzy took hold of the European economy before coming to an abrupt and unceremonious end.

If you don’t recall this, let’s have a laugh together: At the time, Tulip bulbs could change hands upwards of 10 times in one day. Prices skyrocketed at one point in 1637, increasing 1,100 percent in a month. Tulips even began to be used as a form of money in their own right: in 1633, actual properties were sold for a handful of bulbs. Bitcoin back in 2017 was more of a tulip bulb at the time, however today, Bitcoin has been acclaimed as the new “Gold Standard” of the world.

Back to the future...

What I did NOT know (back in 2017) was: HOW to make money SAFELY in cryptoland. I got stupid, greedy, careless and… ended up loosing it all. Yes, I lost it all. Over $100,000 gone. To make matters worse, I had started helping close friends. I helped them lose their money too.

In 2018, Bitcoin prices dropped and for many months I dropped out of crypto and tried to forget about it. Over time I began to realize something. It was NOT Bitcoin or crypto that was the problem. It was me. I had done little more than throw money at a run-away train and as long as the train was going uphill, I was ok. I had not really developed a strategy. I was not following rules. I had not automated my activities. I was, well, gambling.

At this time, I was very engaged with running multiple other businesses and I could not devote 8 hours a day watching candlestick trading charts, adjusting indicators and researching thousands of tokens and coins within cryptoland. NO WAY!

I also had been in the business of teaching people HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE for over a decade and I wanted to continue in this same business model.

I decided, I'd give crypto another go. This time with a fresh mindset, lessons-learned, and a goal to CRACK THE CODE so that I could not only make a boatload of money for myself, but simplify the process so that I could teach others (like you) to replicate my approach and make money too. It had to be step-by-step, easy, and safe for sure. It needed to require minimal skills (most people are not skilled at trading) and it needed to be at least 80% automated (most people have other things to do).

I kid you not… one million dollars later, I've got this thing figured out. Yes, you read that right.

Today we are in the early phase of a long term bull run that is already THREE TIMES the growth of 2017. But more importantly, this run is based on massive mainstream adoption worldwide, unparalleled real world “use” cases, huge billion-dollar corporate investments, companies like Paypal and Visa fully integrating with crypto and as of January 2021 there were 106 million crypto users around the world, following a 16% jump in participants in the previous month alone.

Why is this happening? I really don’t have the space to elaborate in detail, but crypto is built on an amazing open-source, secure and transparent technology called BLOCKCHAIN. Our entire future (your future too) is moving incredibly fast toward a world where almost everything will be on the blockchain. Just as the Internet replaced FAX machines; today we are replacing almost everything: currencies, books, music, art… you name it! Almost everything is going on to the blockchain now (even the Internet itself). This is the future and NO QUESTION ABOUT IT, it is already way more developed than you'd ever believe.

I bet you’ve heard of NFTs? Right? Where graphics, animations, music, sporting event tickets, tweets and more are being minted on the blockchain and sold. Sometimes for millions. NFT’s were even spoofed on Saturday Night Live recently. Did you know an NFT is crypto? It is a Non-Fungible Token! Unique, one of a kind digital representations locked eternally on the blockchain. There are marketplaces (similar to Amazon or eBay) that allow people to create, but and sell. Even DOMAIN NAMES are now available on the blockchain. In fact, I own almost 200 blockchain domains that could sell for hundreds of thousands in the future.


No one likes putting money in a bank, paying fees up the wazoo, and making .5% APY (yes, point .5 percent). If you put $10,000 in a bank savings today, you’d be lucky to make $5 a month. If you wanted to borrow money (say for a home, a vacation or a business) you’d fill out countless forms, wait forever, have your credit history examined, and maybe (just maybe) get a loan in a few days or weeks with a hefty monthly payment hounding you every month.

Think about it… if Bitcoin were a company it’d be a top 10 component in the S&P 500. Bitcoin Is Now Bigger Than Bank of America, Facebook, Netflix, Shopify, PayPal, Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Disney. Bitcoin's Market Cap Is Larger Than JPMorgan, Bank Of America, and Citi COMBINED. Bitcoin is the 3rd Largest World Currency. The Total Cryptocurrency Market Value Has Hit a Record $1 Trillion and growing at a super charged exponential rate.

Bitcoin blows away any other investment you might consider year after year after year. If you had invested $100 ten years ago, you’d have $9.2M today.

BUT... What you’ve been experiencing for the last umpteen years is CENTRALIZED finance, where you are the “little guy” and the banks, corporations and middlemen get all the advantages, the rewards AND your money. What the blockchain has delivered to us (the ones “in the know”) is what’s called DEFI (or Decentralized Finance). Oh my what a difference!

DECENTRALIZED FINANCE is a thriving world where ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELDS (APYs) range from 5% to 30% (and sometimes more). These protocols are secure, there are no middlemen, and your money truly goes to work for YOU. You can borrow money in seconds, often with no monthly payments, yes yes yes… it sounds too good to be true. It is amazing what can happen when protocols are powered by the people using them for the benefit of all and you leave the corporate CEO’s and middlemen out. Just amazing.


I'm volunteering to be your tour guide (with a twist). There is a lot to dive into, but you need to get started now. If you don’t start now, you’ll later have to catch up and get onboard later anyways. Nobody is going to race down to a bank for .5% and kick in the shin when they can get 100X your bank returns in the world of DEFI.

But even DEFI is a few steps away. Your first stop is to just get your toe in the water with crypto in general. You likely need a little hand holding to get you started.

The “twist” I'm offering is to catapult you in to the lead car of the “Blockchain Train.” I'm offering to show you HOW I BROKE THE CODE to crank cash out of crypto like nothing you’ve ever seen. They say if you want to make millions in something, learn from someone who’s actually done what he’s teaching, right?

I'm NOT a risk taker, I'm a strategist and an experimenter (or tester). I've invested hundreds of thousands to figure out, test and simplify a safe cash cow approach to crypto. I recognize some people are more conservative than others, so I have approaches for every level.

My approach is multifaceted, but is NOT based on “hoping the market keeps going up.” In fact, my approach works best when the market goes sideways (which happens to be 80% of the time). I don’t worry about dips, crashes and dives. I make money from them all. Can you lose money in crypto? YES. But even when I do lose money, I usually loose less than almost anyone else in the market.


  1. Freak out and sell your coins on a market drop or dip.
  2. Follow the make money fast trading tips of that Youtube guru with a funny hat.
  3. Human Error: accidentally send money to the wrong address (for example).
  4. Lose your account passwords or authentication access codes.
  5. Take big risks and not manage your money smartly.
  6. GREED: Like using high leveraged trading, hoping to make a killing fast.

If you can avoid the 6 warnings above, you are NOW ready to start your journey.

I cannot guarantee you’ll make money. But I can certainly show you how I'm doing it and you can see the results of others I've helped.

Buckle up. It’s an exciting, fun and profitable world ahead. Grab a buddy and bring them with you if you like. I'm about to take you in to the future. The future of money, opportunity and more.

PS: Did I forget my friends from the early days? NO WAY! I paid them all back! I also taught them all my secrets and they are all making money now!