Is The Plan a Scam?

This is a response from Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos:

You can learn this on your own? All right. So, so so let's take let's take that first analysis, right? Why? What's the motivation for a YouTuber to tell you that? Well, how does a YouTuber get paid?

A YouTuber gets paid by you watching their YouTube video, subscribing to their channels and through the algorithm, which keeps you trapped in YouTube so you never escape from YouTube. It's a prison that you built around yourself, right? So naturally, they're going to tell you not to buy a course, because if you're spending six hours on the plan, that's six hours you're not on YouTube. That's not in their best interest, OK? So let's set that, and that's one of many reasons why, but we'll go even further on it. OK? But let's just start there for a second.

I will tell you, yeah, I want you to buy. Of course I want you to pay me money. That's my motivation. You buy my course. I put some money in my pocket. OK? Now the more successful I make you, the more you refer people to me and the more other stuff that you may buy, such as the other phases of the plan. So our business model is built upon effectiveness of information, i.e. your success, and we do not hide that whatsoever. So that's the main reason. But here's another reason to a lot of people have what I call an impoverished model of reality.

So most people believe that you're a fool if you buy courses, especially expensive courses like arts, because why wouldn't you just learn it for free? You could watch 1000 videos, you could read all the tutorials and all the documentation, and you just saved all your money, right?

Well, that doesn't work. I'll tell you why that doesn't work. first of all, even if you're reading the right information and you followed it correctly, what's cheaper? A one time monetary investment or 1000 hours of research, your hair will go great by the time you're done research.

The information that was relevant at your start of your journey will become irrelevant at the end of your journey. OK? So that's what's dangerous. But here's the other problem with that. They have no accountability. You don't give them any money.

It doesn't matter what happens to you. You can fail. You succeed. It doesn't matter to them. They have no vested interest in your outcome. And so they're going to tell you what they think is best for you. But they don't.

If you lose money, they don't factor that into the cost. So what's cheaper, buying a course and making money or not buying a course and losing money? Every single instance it's buying the plan and making money is cheaper.

It's more cost effective than buying nothing and losing money, which is what everybody's doing. And so I would rather you not do crypto at all. Close you to spend more time with your loved ones. That's a better investment than to think that you can do this on your own for free.

That is scary. That's like telling. That's like telling a child. Here's a book. You figure out how the world works and you don't send them to school, right? That's insane. And so who are you going to trust - the guy who's run more automations than anybody? The guy who has more customers in the world than anybody or some dude on YouTube who has a webcam? I don't know.

You also have to look at you have to look at the motivation like you said all around, right?

They have no accountability. Ask them if on the advice that they're going to give you a new tube if they have 50 people, over 50 people supporting you, if you have a question or are you going to go in to comment hell on YouTube videos and hope for an answer because you will get answers, but can you trust the answers that you get? Do you trust every answer you get on every forum from non-actors if everybody has an opinion? Right, right. Well, everybody has an opinion. Look at the look at the at the links below that YouTube VIDEO What are they pointing to?

Probably affiliate links that every time you click earns you money earns them money. Every time you buy something that they recommend earns them money. So they are there to make money without any accountability to you. Like Jason said, how do you know if you watched three videos that have conflicting views?

Which one is right? How do you know that they've actually done what they're saying? They're they've done. And how do you know that it wasn't a one time, one hit wonder? So you can see a YouTuber that says, Hey, I ran these bots and I made $100,000 in a month.

Well, congratulations. How many times have you done that? Yeah, because you can also go bad it all on Reddit and Vegas and say, Hey, I won because I bet it all on red and I won. So hey, the winning formula is always betting on red.

That doesn't work, though. I will tell you something. While I do understand the average YouTuber, I'm becoming more empathetic to them because they're right. nine out of ten courses are 100 out of 100, and one courses you would buy aren't worth the money.

They wouldn't be worth it if they were free. There's a lot of junk courses out there that are not worth paying for, so I do get the general advice of don't buy a course because I wouldn't want you to buy any course that's not going to help you and not going to serve you.

And unfortunately, that's most courses. We are the exception, and I will stay on this damn webinar as I have in the past four hours trying to sell that point to you, not just on an impersonal YouTube video. But yeah, this stuff frustrates me because these are the same people very often who really they have jealousy because everywhere they churn, they hear the plan. They hear somebody talking about the plan and how the plans help them, and they say, What the hell these guys are all doing the plan. And I'm some YouTuber. I don't like that, and they're really jealous of the ability of us to have it in 120 plus countries in less than a single year. I love, I love. There are people here on this webinar today saying this is a scam, and I replied to them, like, you know, over 10,000 customers in the more than 128 and 20 countries disagree. But without you seeing what we're teaching, if you already decided it is a scam, that's you're entitled to your opinion but 10,000, you know, people plus disagree, that's fine. Now let me tell you, let me tell you something else that will perhaps help you understand our motivation. first and foremost, we sell courses to make money, that's no secret.

But beyond that. If we wanted to maximize core cells and we didn't care about the customer, let's try this as an experiment. Let's just say that you've not you've heard it's not your say, it's like you've heard us say that you need to invest in the course to do this properly, you need to buy the software.

Plus you need at least $3,000 equivalent in cryptocurrency per bot. Right. So that's a significant investment. Would you agree if you're here listening to me right now, would you agree that I would be more likely to sell courses if I said instead?

30 $500 for the core, 69 for the software, and you can get started with only a 50 dollar investment or 100 dollar investment in crypto. Would I sell more courses? Please tell me in the chat. Yes or no?

So twice as many courses as well, yeah, we would sell a heck of a lot more because more people can afford. 30 500 plus 69 plus 50 than can afford 30 500 plus 69 plus 3000. Right. So everybody saying yes, I haven't heard in tho year, so would it if my motivation was to sell as many courses as possible? Would it not? Would I not if I didn't care about you? Would I not be better served by saying that you could start with $50 for a or $100 or bought? Because here's the thing the software allows you to start a bot with 50 or hundred dollars.

But here's the problem, though it is not in your best interest because Dan has truly tested all of this thousands of times, and he knows that $3,000 is that beginning sweet spot. So I cannot in good conscience come in here and tell you like you start a border, you only have $200 start about $200.

No. Instead, we're saying to you do not start a bot with less than $200, so I'm giving up course sales. Why am I doing this? Because we want our members to be ultra successful. Because when you're successful, when you see the power of phase one and you've succeeded, then I can come to you and say, Hey, listen, we have phase two and phase three and phase whatever. And will you will you not be more likely to buy it? From us at that point, if we've already made you successful before and our word of mouth is crazy too, to just on the front end, even if we didn't have any other courses, the amount of people that customers have referred to us. Friends, family, loved ones is insane. The rate on which we get referrals is out of this world. And so it's in our best interest to give you what is most effective for you.

This is how capitalism should work. It doesn't always work this way, but it does so so we could sell it. We could make more money by telling you could you could just start bots with 50 or 100 or $200, but we don't.

We rather make less money ourselves. By telling you the truth and having you be the most successful possible, why is that? Does a YouTuber teaching, you know, strategies on crypto? Do they have a vested interest in your success?

No, they want the most views, so they're going to tell you what most people are willing to hear that, hey, watch my free video and you don't have to spend any money on any course. Of course, that sounds appealing, but do they have your best interests in mind?

They don't care. Well, and it doesn't. You know, the other thing too is there's a lot of misinformation out there. It's like they think, How do you know which one? Well, they know why they think we're teaching a tutorial and how to use the software, right?

Yeah, that's a scam. That is a big misnomer. That is a big misunderstanding. And I watch you that is a scam artist. There is no doubt about that. OK? Yeah. The software, the software, by the way, there is training on the vendors, on the software vendors website.

They do webinars and teach you about the features. What they don't teach you about, though, are the strategies. And that's what you're paying for. Now then also gives you a tutorial on the software. Don't get me wrong, because otherwise it wouldn't be any good to say, Hey, go watch 20 hours of software training, then come back so he does the training that needs to be trained done in a concise fashion. The software has thousands and thousands of features. You only need a handful of buttons to learn about. To be able to use it, and that's what he focuses on.

So if you're saying if you're looking, if anybody is you, if you're seeing anything that says, Oh, this, this or that is a scam because you can get free software training, you know, free software training, the vendor trains like, yeah, of course they do.

But that's not what the plan is about. The plan is about a strategy that works. Yes, great software is irrelevant. It's great clickbait. It gets good. Click through rates on videos and such. But I digress. Here's what you really want to know.

You would feel this is a scam if we took your money and you didn't get a return on it. And if somehow, someway we are misrepresenting what our members have done, even though we've shown it to you, the good, the bad and ugly in the worst market possible, even though we've been as transparent as we possibly can. And even though we've now been around and we've been out there and we've got more successes than anybody else does, I can appreciate that. I can understand that if you feel this is a scam and I'm not going to try to convince you of whether it is a scam or isn't a scam, maybe it's the greatest scam of all the scam that actually works. I'm scamming you by getting you to be successful for a change. We're tricking you to eat vegetables. Yes, we are. We are hiding our vegetables by making them taste unbelievably wonderful. And you're thinking that their chocolate, right?

In that case, I am guilty of that. You know, I will get you there one way or another. We're focusing on cash flow. That's what we're focusing on in here. Here's another thing to consider, Jason. We are doing this webinar when we scheduled this webinar.

I know you have no way to know whether the market is going to be up or down if the bots are all going to show green or there's going to be red. The point is, it doesn't matter if if we were trying to.

If anybody's trying to trick you, they're going to record a video that shows everything being amazing. Perhaps, you know, nine or ten out of the ten are amazing and ones lost like a tiny little bit of value, right?

We showed you all the red today because we have nothing to hide. Yeah, red happens and then explain what the red means. The markets go up and down and we capture on that volatility. And so, so again, we do these webinars live and everything that you saw today.

Jason's bots, when he finally shared his screen, the bots that Dan showed from the from the 18 original students that he taught one on one. All of those were live. They weren't pictures. They weren't screenshots. He literally showed you.

They're running accounts right then and there. And so just just keep that in mind when you consider the legitimacy of what we're we're showing you because again, it's really hard in this world to compare and know what's legit and what's not.

But but consider all of the information. Consider all the information that you've received today and the fact that you saw things live and nothing was hidden from you. Everything was in plain sight the good, the bad and the ugly, and that we can't plan.

We cannot, you know, even though we are enjoying the inviting you to join the plan, we can't quote unquote plan no pun intended for what those bots are going to look like when we sign up on the only show up on a live webinar.

Yeah, we can't. We don't know. We don't have a crystal ball. If we did, we'd be doing other things. So we have to come in on a live webinar and show you the bots as they are running right now.

Yeah, I mean, it's just we're just very passionate about this. I don't want to beat this horse until it's dead in the ground and, you know, dig it back up and beat it again. Hopefully, though, you understand that what we are doing here is we are advocating what we believe is the very best way to do crypto. I believe that there are other ways you could be making money and even using crypto, and you should investigate those and you should maybe dabble in some of those. But if this ain't part or even the cornerstone of how you trade crypto, I am afraid for you, OK, because I am absolutely sure that this is safer.

It is more predictable and has went through more robustness in terms of validating it, and it's more in tune with what most people want. It's not these 20 something year olds who, if they lost it all, they don't care.

They don't have much to lose anyway. To begin with, you know, this is I'm talking like, if you're this close to retirement and you're not going to make it and this helps you make it, this is what most folks need.

They need that cash flow. That's what they need, and they need to do it without the significant investment. Like, say, Hey, let's go buy some rental properties, that is a legitimate way to to make cash flow. It just has a high upfront cost and nobody says, well, that's a scam, right?

Buying apartment buildings are a scam because they cost a whole bunch of money upfront. No, it's an asset that you have to have capital in while you are your best asset. So investing in your knowledge is the best thing you can do, provided it's the right knowledge.

Hopefully, we've stated and we've made our case if you need anything more from us in. Any point in time, you can write to us that support at Rapid Crush Scott and I would be more than happy if you did that.

We are in it for the long term.