Why Do You Need To Sign An NDA?


Why are we requiring an NDA which stands for non-disclosure agreement for you to join the plan?

And it's very simple. Why do you think Coke has a secret recipe that nobody's allowed to talk about? Who knows the recipe? It's for that same reason. The proprietary knowledge that Dan has here is so electrifying that we are going to make sure that its integrity is protected and only members of the plan have its access, have its information. that's important, don't you think so?

Isn't it kind of conspicuous then that other programs don't require NDAs that they're supposed to be so life changing and so game changing for you, but they don't care to protect them? We protect this. We only want members of the plan to know about this and have this advantage. And this is why this makes sense. So here's the process just so we're very clear here.

Training is available immediately but let me put a little asterisk next to this because here's how this works. Okay? You sign up here today, we then manually prepare two agreements for you, which is a user agreement and a non-disclosure agreement. We put your names in those things. So this is a manual process. This is not done automated.

So give us 24 hours. we usually do it less than that, right? Then you get the agreements, you review them. If you don't like them, don't sign them. Tell us you don't want to sign them. We'll give you your money back or take as much time as you need to review. And then once you sign them, if you sign them, by the way, 99.1% of people sign the agreement, last I checked.

Once you sign them, then give us another 48 hours or less to give you course access. It's usually less, but I would rather under-promise and overdeliver. That's our philosophy, right? And then once that NDA is completed, processed and signed by you and sent to us, and we verify it because we have to verify that everything was done correctly, then you will get an email with access to the plan and then immediately all of the course materials will be available for you.

It would be easier for me to sell you the plan without all that rigmarole. But I am not going to do it that way because it would not help you as much. It would not empower you as much as the way that we've decided to do it. So yeah, I would rather risk losing a couple of sales, but helping a lot more people.


The NDA portion of that agreement is pretty simple. You need to keep what you learn confidential. It is proprietary information that Dan has spent years and millions of dollars at risk in order to develop. We want you to keep that confidential. The other part of the agreement is a participation agreement that specifies exactly what you can expect of us.

We will outline everything that you will receive and how you will receive it, but it also specifies things that you're committing to, things that we expect out of you. For example, that you're going to do your own research in your own due diligence, and you're not going to take what you learn and apply it and invest real money without understanding the process, that you're going to use demo bots in order to make sure that you fully understand the process.

Because as Jason said earlier, and Dan said earlier, it's really exciting to see your demo bots running and they're making money and you want to jump in there and just go ahead and invest money because you feel like you're going to be losing money if you don't invest right away. That is not the case. It is really important that you fully understand the process and you make your own decision.

At the end of the day, we're not giving you any investment advice, any financial or legal advice. We are training you on a methodology. You take the methodology, you process it through your own brain, and at the moment you are comfortable with it and you say, Wow, this truly does make sense and I fully understand it. That is when you're going to make your own decision to invest real money into crypto and deploying the system that you just learnt about. So we outline all of this because we believe in transparency.