Does Dan Do One-on-One Training?

Some people are asking whether it is possible to work one on one with Dan or have somebody handhold you on the phone.

The simple answer is that Dan charges $35k for one-on-one training, and he would not in that one-on-one training give you anything additional than what you can get in the course.

It's just that he's going to basically teach you the course privately, and on top of that, it is probably a six to nine month wait to get on Dan's calendar after you pay because you can't even get on his calendar until you pay.

That price may go up because people keep inquiring about it and Dan really does not want to do one-on-one training anymore because it makes no sense to do one-on-one training when the training is already recorded already in the members area which gets updated when it needs to be updated.

Note, Dan did initially do one-on-one training with the early adopters of The Plan back in May 2021. Each of these members paid up to $10k to participate. Since then, Dan has never done one-on-one training.

Having said that, if you want to 'experience' what it's like to get one-on-one training with Dan, an early adopter of The Plan Marcus Lim is offering his one-on-one call recording available as a bonus to anyone who signs up to The Plan through his affiliate link. Sure, it is not a 'live' experience, but it is the only way to get the 1-1 experience with Dan, unless you are serious about paying $35k+ and willing to wait 6-9 months.