Phase 2

Dan Hollings explains what Phase 2 is all about.

Phase 2 is Defi. It really brings us into a space where suddenly the world becomes fair again. We're living in a traditional world now where honestly, it's not fair. We all know that but we just never knew what to do about it. You put your money in the bank and you know that they're using your money to generate a lot more than what they're giving back to us. It's obvious. I mean, you could give a monkey a bag of money, and he'd probably make more returns on it than a bank does in a whole year, giving you a half a percent. I mean, it's silly, right? So where is all that other money going to? It's going to the fat cats behind the curtain, that's what I say. It's going to the CEO's. It's going to these board members. It's going to here, there and everywhere except for you or me or us.

And defi changes that because defi really means that it's just you and the code. And if that doesn't make sense, think about bitcoin itself. The reason bitcoin is so beautiful is that there is no CEO of bitcoin. There's not even a help desk. It's just us and bitcoin. And Bitcoin is just code. So we end up with a digital gold out there that we can interact with and the code doesn't care where you live.

Doesn't care how much money you have. It doesn't care your race or your sex. It doesn't care anything. It's just a set of rules. And that's what I mean when I say code. So we move into defi and suddenly there are many things that are based on just code, just like BTC, only instead of it being a coin or a token, it can be an application, it can be a protocol, it can be some type of a service, it can be a variety of things, it can be art, it can be music, and it's run by the code.

That now means that if we understand this, then we can engage. And when we engage and there is profit that's made, the profit comes back to us, the people, the community. So therefore it is more fair it's the way things should be and it's the way I wish they had been all along. But we didn't have this technology of the blockchain, you know, back in the day.

We have it now. This is where we're headed and there's no way to stop it. The reason that you can tell this is so fantastic is because of the FUD, the fear, the uncertainty and the doubt that you hear in the news media and social media - This is shaking up many industries.

Do you remember back when they came out with CDs and how it shook up the vinyl record industry? Because it was a new technology and it was going to get rid of all of that and there was all kinds of FUD like, Oh, is that is it going to be as good and all this crazy stuff? This is that on steroids.

This is a new way of doing things and it's shaking up things and the banks don't like it. Some governments don't like it, but it can't be stopped because of the fact that it'll be ubiquitous all around the world running on code. So what we're going to do and what I'm going to do in phase two is take you to the oases, these special spots that are out there in crypto land where it doesn't take much at all in order for you to 10x the returns that you are getting from a traditional bank.

In fact, it's not unusual at all to get 15%, 20% or even higher just by depositing your crypto in certain locations. And there are some fun things to do. As you guys know, I find out that the edge, I find out the secret sauce to make these things even better. And underneath that, I make sure that the places are safe.

It's obvious that if you go into a world where there's no corporation behind it, there's no help desk, none of that stuff is out there, that it also opens up the door to fraud and scams and stuff like that. And I don't want you guys heading out into DEFI without having a tour guide, so I will do that. I'll take you to the safe spots, I'll show you how to do it and you can just use it to make money extremely passively. And that's it. It will only take me two sessions in order to teach you this stuff. It's a lot easier than the bots. It requires fewer steps and I will show you the applications, the systems, the steps and whatever so that you can do this.

And here's the big picture and why we call it The Plan. You'll make your money from your bots. You'll take a certain percentage out like maybe 25% of your profits and then you plop it into defi, you come back to the bots and you make some more, you plop it into defi and that's what I've been doing. And you just keep doing that over and over and over again and your money starts to compound and compound and compound it's magical!