Dan Hollings explains why The Plan is broken down into phases.

What initially came to my mind once I decided I was going to teach this is that, well, okay, let's do something really grand scale because there's nothing like this out there. Let's just offer a program that not only teaches you how to make cash flow through the bots, but then how to peel off profits and put it into HODLing like Nexo and all of that.

But then also, if a person wants to go further, they can get into defi and put it into platforms that are 19 or 20% return. That would be their reserve and then they could go even further and start to hodl different categories of crypto so that as the entire crypto space moves forward, boy, you'd be really positioned. And then we just figured we would just layer all of this stuff together and maybe make it like a two year program. Imagine it - a two year program and you're just constantly in classes and trying this and trying that.

And my initial thought was to sell it for $25k and it would have sold like crazy. But then it dawned on me how many people I would be excluding from The Plan because hey, if you don't have $25k, you probably wouldn't have been able to do it. And if you spent $25k on it, even though it would have been worth it because a two year program with this much to benefit from is a lot...

It just, it makes sense to me because I wanted to get it to as many people as possible because it truly can and is changing lives. And so we decided we do something different. We decided we'd break it up into pieces - modules what we call phases. And then that way people could spend a little bit to get going.

That's phase one. If they wanted to learn some more, it was optional. They could spend a little bit more. And so we were kind of chunking it together and would allow people to kind of move at their own pace, invest in their education, at their own speed, and know that ultimately you can't look at any one part of this.

It's really a big grand scale program that really runs over a period of about two years. That's really what it is. So I'm mentioning this because every once in a while I'll get a support ticket or somebody will comment that, Wow, did you just hit it out of the park on phase one and doing all this kind of stuff.

And then you did phase two and it's like uh...I mean I feel bad because there's no way for me to undo the way I've done it. In fact, I wouldn't do it different. But you can't look at The Plan - it's like buying a car you don't open the hood and just look at the spare tire in order to figure out whether you should buy the car or not.

It's the same thing just looking at phase two and trying to determine if that alone is all there is to it. That's just one phase in a bigger, bigger thing. And so what you have to look at is that you're being taught something that's in modules. And yes, we have to charge a little for this and a little for that.

Good news is, we've decided to let phase four be free. Well, I mean, that was never in our plan. So we just said, hey, let's just do it, okay? Because we finally got to scale. You know, we've got 50 people on staff. We're doing more and spending more money but we're keeping afloat. But I mean, if anybody's thinking that, you know, this is like buying me an island and Tony and I are off drinking coconut juice and fishing, I mean, that's not what's going on.

We're working harder now than we ever had and we really didn't have to. But I just want you to remember that when you do The Plan, that it is an all encompassing thing - the phases are not standalones, meaning that it's "part of". You make money in phase one, you peel it off and you put it in your reserve - that's phase two. Also, I am not here trying to teach you everything about defi - that would take forever. I'm just taking you to the oases in defi and saying, hey, there's a thousand places out there that you could do stuff at, but here are a few that are all you need.

Tony and I have explored one defi thing after another. We have yet to find anything that's as good and simple and fun and powerful as what we have in phase two. In fact, that keeps getting better.

No joke. We have so many things that we have our money in that we're experimenting with that sometimes we can't even remember where all of the money is! That's what we're doing. So we're out there. We're losing money in the defi space and the stuff that we're trying. I got to tell you, we're probably losing more than we're making most of the time because we keep looking for the next golden egg that the goose has laid out there someplace, and it's like there's a lot of stuff.

You'll hear it on YouTube and social media and everything else about defi this and all of these huge returns and liquidity pools and it just goes on and on and on and on. And Tony and I have money in a hundred different things right now and sometimes I just say, you know what? I've been going out and just saying, screw this one, screw that one, getting what money's left and pulling it out and where does it end up? It ends up in our phase 2 applications and protocols. So I want you to know that The Plan is not here to teach you how to explore.

It's not here to teach you 100 different platforms. It has one single goal - make you money safely without you having to spend your life looking at a monitor. That's its goal. And it is to replicate the wealth that Tony and I have built in a way that you can trust and you can feel that you can count on them.

So please, folks, don't look at The Plan piecemeal in little parts. Look at it in its totality. You haven't even seen the whole totality of it yet. But when you put all of the parts together, okay, then you see something that is really masterful because I think we've put more energy and time into putting a master plan together that can keep you safe and make money.

And it is all of it together. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to join every single phase. There are some people that it's going to take a while, but I want you to understand that each phase is just a piece of the whole total picture, and that I originally was going to sell it as a whole total thing.

But I decided to break it up into parts, and that's why we've ended up doing it this way. And I'm glad because now people are able to pace their way through. They can afford to go through these things and all you need to know is that we're cherry picking the best of the best. We're losing money in order to help you make money.

And at the end of the day, you're going to have something that you can count on more so than other things. Nothing's a guarantee here, but the odds are better here and and we'll just stay family. We'll just stay community. We're here and we're having fun and we're enjoying it.