Profit vs Value

So I'm going give you a different analogy here. OK, this one's kind of funny. So say you go down to the Golden Goose Market. So one day a market opens up in your hometown and it's the Golden Goose Market, and for $50,000, you can buy a golden goose and this golden goose will lay golden eggs.

Isn't that wonderful? So you're like, Yeah, I like golden eggs because golden eggs, they're money and I can always sell golden eggs. So you go down there, you buy the 50,000 dollar golden goose, you bring it home.

And then to your horror, you discover that the Golden Goose Market has dropped in value. You cannot sell that golden goose for more than $10,000. So the value of it is lost from 50,000 to 10,000. So let's pretend the golden goose market, it goes up and it goes down, sometimes people want to buy golden geese, and sometimes they don't. But let's say the eggs they lay are always consistently the same value. Every time it lays an egg, you make $1,000. And some days, at least two or three, some days four, some days five.

So here's my point to you. A, if you had a goose that was laying a golden egg every single day, would you sell it even if it went up in value? So you bought it for 50,000 this goose and it went up to 60,000.

Would you sell it then? The answer is no, because in a couple of days you would make that in cash flow. Selling those eggs, OK? You follow me. Would you care if it dropped in value temporarily to $10,000?

No, because it doesn't affect those eggs. You're still cashing them in. And that's the difference between the profit, which is realized in your pocket spendable money. You can put it back into the market, or you can buy a bottle of wine with it. It doesn't matter...

Versus value, which is what the coin is valued at in that particular day. Think about Facebook, for example, and I hope none of you really do think about this. The less I think about it, the better.

But I don't remember how much value it shed recently it was. It was a colossal amount, though, billions of dollars of value that was shared because the stock price dropped. Right. But there's Facebook. It's still going out there in the market. It's still doing its thing, and so the only people that lost money from Facebook stock were the people that panicked and sold that stock on that day.

That was the only people that lost money. And crypto people do that all the time. They panic like crazy because Facebook's correction, we laugh at that in crypto. That's nothing. Crypto is way more volatile than that. But we don't care about the value because that doesn't affect us day to day.

We care about the dividend, if you will. Is it giving me profit in my pocket? And so is it possible a crypto coin can drop in value by 20 or 30% and still be giving you profit every single day?

Yes, because the bot is buying and selling all the way up, the bot is buying and selling all the way down. And that's the beauty of this. That's what Dan has. That's why I went from being an anti crypto person last March, when Dan and I got on this meeting together, to being so enthusiastic about The Plan. Because when he showed that to me, I said, Oh my God. It's because of the volatility of crypto that we make money, everybody else is trying to wrestle with the volatility, ignore it, avoid it and you've turned it into the feature of your system.