Are There Any Restrictions on Exchanges?

There are some people that live in some places and they're hearing about restrictions of exchanges like Hawaii and New York have some restrictions on what exchanges you can sign up for or not.

Let me just tell you this it would be hard for me to answer in detail about every location and every country. We have students in over 120 countries and in every state of the United States as well.

There are so many exchanges to choose from that whether one or two or some are restricted in your country, there is not a situation that we have encountered thus far where you cannot find an exchange that will work for you, regardless of the location you are in.

Now, you may not be able to say, I want that exchange because that exchange may not be allowed, so you have to have an alternate exchange. But there's always an exchange that will allow you so far from our experience that will allow you to sign up and implement what you learn in The Plan.

In fact, when you log into the member's area, one of the first things that you will see is a companion guide. It's a 150 page PDF that you don't have to read all the way, from page 1 to page 150.

It's not what it's meant to do, but when you are looking for the exchanges, you go to the exchanges section and you read the five or ten pages that compare all the exchanges and talk about all the restrictions and help you with the fee structures.

And this is all data that's been compiled by the team that only exists for our members in such a nice, succinct, easy to consume format and that will help you choose your exchange. That simple. So if you're worried about restrictions and this or that, we have not encountered a situation where there isn't at least one exchange that you will be able to sign up no matter where you live.