The Right Place at the Right Time

What you're looking at is called the stock to flow model. It is the most accurate prediction of the market and bitcoin that we have.

It has been spot on for over a decade. It was created by a gentleman that goes by the pseudonym Plan B, and it has stood the test of time. Now the actual indicator is just this brown line. But I want you to notice something.

There are these places in the indicator predictive line where it looks like it goes up. Periodically at a slope. This the same every time you see that those. Points in this indicator are when bitcoin goes through a process that's built into the code called a halving - a halving reduces the number of bitcoins in circulation and it increases the demand for bitcoin. It was programed into bitcoin from the beginning. It can't be changed. It can't be touched, by the way, all of the stuff in the blockchain once it's out there in the wild. No government can shut it down.

No company can go in there and meddle with it. No programmer can do anything. It exists in a way on the blockchain that makes it. Permanent and you can't mess with it. So this thing is going to continue to have halving because it's built into the code.

And what's interesting is that every time there's a halving, it always responds the same way - it always triggers a bull run. And it is the best time of all times to be involved. Now let's go back in time.

If you went way back to when bitcoin first was introduced, this was back in 2010 or about. Then there's a story, and it's true. Some of the first bitcoin that was spent to buy something was on a pizza and a pizza was bought for 10,000 BTC.

Now listen up because I want you to know how much that pizza is worth. Hey, Siri! How much is 10,000 bitcoin worth today? 10,000 bitcoins is $405,785,350 for Yahoo Finance. 405 million dollar pizza - That's where it all started.

OK, now sure you didn't buy, then I didn't buy it then. But guess what? That sounds fantastic, but wait till you see, we're only halfway through this thing. We could still buy a pizza today with bitcoin, and ten years from now, the story would seem just as fantastic.

That's my opinion. But let's look at this thing. Back when it first started, it started going up, and around 2014 it had a having and it peaked at around 1000. It was phenomenal. But the only people involved in bitcoin back then were just a bunch of, you know, nerds and programmers and stuff like that.

Then it continued to hug that indicator line, that brown indicator line, we had another halving in 2016, Dan Hollings got involved in 2017. His first bitcoin was around $8,000 or something like that, and it went all the way up to $20,000.

And then we had a winter, a crypto winter that doesn't look that scary. When you see it on the chart, here it is. In fact, it almost looks like it just went sideways for a while. But that was crypto winter, and they talked about it as if, though all hell had frozen over.

That's when Dan was in his closet, pecking away at this thing, trying to figure out how to make money at the microscopic level off the wiggle in the market. And that's when we hit the next halving and it went all the way up to like 64,000 thus far and then it did a dip. It's still in that dip. But here's what I want you to pay attention to. I want you to look at what it did back in 2014. It was under the brown line. It broke through and it went up to 1000.

Then what happened in 2017 and 2018? It was underneath that brown indicator line and it busted through and it went on up to 20,000. And now here we are once again another halving we're at that mature end of it.

And it is under the brown line. And hey, you think it's going to do the same thing again? This thing has been accurate for ten years. I think it is. Dan certainly thinks so. And if it does, it's going to bust through and we will be looking at bitcoin at over $100,000 for each bitcoin.

In a relatively short period of time sometime this year, and if it continues, there will be another halving in 2025 on into 2026 bitcoin. If it does, what it's done every time before could be up near $1,000,000 per bitcoin.

Whatever bitcoin does, the entire industry, all the other tokens and coins follow along on its coattails. That's what this predictive models says. So is it a good time to be in crypto? Hey, we're under the brown line. Dan knows that we're at the mature end of the most recent halving. and that every other time it's busted through and made a lot of people millionaires. And he knows that even if it doesn't pan out this time, say it doesn't. Let's say it just kind of hugs around, stays about where it's at. In 2024, 2025, it's going to start another halving and you could have yourself in a really prime position to make mega money as you ride this thing with intelligence this time.

Own up to $1,000,000 in bitcoin. None of this has to happen for you to make money with the plan but hey boy, are you ever in the right place at the right time! So let's look at this - Bitcoin is more scarce than gold.

That's good. If you bought gold ten years ago and you sold it today, you'd break even what kind of investment is that? There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin in the future. There are already over 60,000 millionaires that have been created because of crypto.

Dan is one of them. Bitcoin has been the best performing asset as compared to anything stocks, bonds, commodities, gold, whatever. Over the past decade, in fact, it has beat out everything by over 1,000%.